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London Tour Guide 6

Big Ben

Our second stop is att Big Ben. It’s the nickname for the Great Bell for the clock att the north end of the Palace of Westminster, better known as The Houses of Parliament. It was originally called The Clock Tower, but renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012.

Movie: Visit Big Ben!
Movie: Big Ben strikes 12

Website: 10 Big Ben facts
Website: The Mechanical Genius of Big Ben | Blowing Up History

ACTIVITY: Watch the movies, read the text and listen to Lucy. Write a text about Big Ben. Practice reading it aloud with a friend.

Vocabulary: tower, bell, steps, clock, huge, four-faced, steps, chimes, famous, attraction, fifteen,

Fun Rap about London and Big Ben 🙂
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London Tour Guide 4

London Eye
Our first stop is att London Eye, build on the banks of River Thames. It’s a great panoramic view from the top!

Movie: London Eye (youtube)
Website: The Coca-Cola London Eye (
Website: 10 London Eye Facts

ACTIVITY: Watch the movie and listen to Lucy. Write a text about London Eye. Practice reading it aloud with a friend.

Vocabulary Wordsearch: giant, ferris wheel, capsule, passenger, ride, panoramic view, ticket, child, adult.

London Tour Guide 3

What is a Tour Guide?
You are about to become a London Tour Guide. First of all you need a lot of information about London; where to go and what to see. Then you need to practice how to talk to your group.
Movie 1: Fun London Tours with Matt Edge

This is Lucy’s London Tour:
1.) London Eye
2.) Big Ben
3.) Hyde Park
4.) Madame Tussaud
5.) Jack the Ripper

Tour Guide Vocabulary: North, South, West, East, Sea, Country, Island, City, Capitol, attractions, flag, famous, square, church, bridge, river, building.

ACTIVITY: Watch the movie with Matt. Draw Lucy’s guide map.

WORD SEARCH: Vocabulary London